Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's REBOOT TIME, baby

I actually started this blog about three years ago. And I must admit I did one hell of a piss-poor job at it. You see, my general practice is to have some crazy awesome idea about a topic to discuss. But it's always when I'm in the produce section of the grocery store or the waiting room at the orthodontist or some other place equally unsuited to doing something about it. And then I get distracted with my day and end up sitting in front of the computer with a weird "Duh" look on my face while I concentrate on what that brilliant idea that flittered ever so briefly through my mind was.

So I have decided to start this over. I deleted everything that has gone before. It is as though it never happened. We'll never discuss it and it will fade into the vast oblivion of the interwebs.

This is what starting over looks like.

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