Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is a test....this is only a test.

So, just before Christmas, my computer decided that it was going to do something wonky. I don't know what it was, but it happened right before I went home to Alabama. So I didn't make any plans to fix it then. And when I got back, I went right into dress rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance. So I didn't make any plans to fix it then. Again. The point is that in the meantime, I have been using my iPad to do anything that needed doing. Of course, that meant that it was almost impossible to type very much. Although I DID type the entire James Spann/ABC/tornado rant on it, but really that was more possible due to my pure rage than anything else. So since I really like the convenience of my iPad (the thing is practically miniature) and it has all of my games on it, I ordered this handy dandy keyboard which connects to my iPad via bluetooth. I am typing on it now. I just wanted to see how it worked. It does. I kind of want to marry this thing now.

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