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Dressed to Kill--Oh my God...Socks?--October 12, 2011

So called because, let's get real, y'all...


Still one of the funniest things ever on YouTube. Even five years later. Even after Antoine Dodson and the "Bake a Cake" song. (If you don't know who or what those are, get thee to YouTube now and start a-searchin'.)

Anywho. Socks. I have all these rules about socks. I mean, first of all there's the whole rule that I can NEVER, NEVER, EVER wear socks to bed, because I am convinced that they attempt to strangle me while I sleep.

But that's not what I mean. I'm talking about good socks. Now that the autumn is upon us, it's sock weather. As such, I just did this big sock purge. I took my little bag of sad, orphan socks and threw them out. I threw out the ones with holes and the ones where the elastic made a crackling sound when you attempted to put them on--tragic dry-rot, I guess? I also chunked several pairs that were the "partner" sock when I bought something else. You know how at Target or wherever, they come in a set of two and one (my super-cool pink striped knee sock, for example) is awesome and the other is...substantially less so (white knee socks with pink cherries)? Pink cherry socks are cute. When you're five.

Target is a great sock and tights place. Probably, outside of the inredible reversible tights made by Spanx which are super thick and last for approximately an eon, the absolute best bang for your buck. They're thick and usually not shiny. They have interesting textures and prints and great colors. Actually, for tights, Target would almost ALWAYS be my first recommendation. Their socks? Well, not as much. I mean, I've gotten some great socks there. Last fall I got two two-pair sets, each consisting of a large and small argyle in the same color schemes. I've also gotten some GREAT novelty-ish knee socks and a couple of pairs of over the knee socks, which I'm to chicken to wear when it's not over tights, but still really nice. All that said, I've had problems at Target finding good, thicker-weight NEUTRAL colored socks. My two pairs of go-to shoes in the fall and winter (on days when I don't have to wear snow or rain boots that is) are my oxblood, English sandal-style Doc Marten's and my Wallaby's. I need good thick socks. And right now Target has THE BEST. There are two pairs in each package (although it's not really a package, rather one of those little hangars with a cardboard wrapper). One's a more solid color and the second is flecked, but lightly so. The label says, "Boot Socks", and I haven't tried them with boots yet (Just got out all my boots today!), but they're GREAT with a heavier oxford or loafer-type winter shoe. Very comfortable, seem warm, not itchy at all!! HIGHLY recommended.

So, I am obsessed. With a lot of things, but most relevant to this outfit, to getting the last bit of wear out of several pairs of shorts. I completely culled my shorts this spring. All of the stuff that I thought was too short or too...well, Abercrombie, I guess, went to live at the Goodwill. Which was good, because I essentially replaced fifteen pairs of shorts that I NEVER wore with three REALLY cute and wearable pairs from Anthropologie. These are one of them. They actually had them in several colors and when I went back right before my Disney trip to get them in black (the third color was this gorgeous blush pink which turned out to be the same color as me and looked really bizarre, like my legs were blending into my clothes), and they didn't have them. THEN week before last, when Anthro did that magic sale thing where they suddenly have fifty-thousand of something in the sale room, they had them and I didn't get them which may turn out to be a mistake, because I LOVE these shorts. They are probably the best fitting shorts I've had since I was a teenager. The only drawback was the label said "Dry Clean for Best Results", but I hand washed them in Woolite, then line-dried them and they turned out fine. The blazer is also from Anthropologie. It's Daughters of the Revolution, which is one of my very favorite lines they carry. It's that awesome very, very fine cord material where it looks and feels almost like velvet. It received one of the greatest compliments EVER because I wore it when I flew home for Christmas last year and my mom IMMEDIATELY said, "What a gorgeous jacket." And she's not one to give praise lightly and she generally has excellent taste. The shirt. Oh, the shirt. A while back, maybe in the late summer, Anthropologie got a bunch of adorable colored jeans. I hemmed and hawed about them for a while. They're AG, which is my hands-down favorite denim brand, but I wasn't sure I would wear them. I actually tried them on three different times before I bought a pair in Kelly green. The final time, I tried them on with this shirt. It's hard to see but it's navy and the print is birds and foliage in the same brown as the shorts, Kelly green and a bluish-gray. I grabbed it to try on the jeans the last time because I was wearing a dress and I wanted to be able to really see them. I fell in love with the shirt, but I didn't get it, because I have shirts to last me for about thirty years (Total exaggeration. Maybe.) Then as I said before...Anthropologie had a HUGE sale a couple of weeks ago. The sale room at Anthro is pretty much like my Mecca. I ADORE it. Generally, most things are half of the original price. Sometimes more, sometimes less. This sale? Regular sale PLUS an additional 25% off. It was A-MAH-ZING. I have really been working out for the last six months or so, so my pants were pretty much ALL too big, and the Anthro Super Special Extra Sale was a godsend in the pants department. The cute bird blouse (and the yellow owl one which I also got!!!) were just bonuses. My favorite part of this whole outfit, though, is the shoes. Not that the shoes are super-spectacular. They're black ankle-boots with a ruffle at the top and a wedge heel inside the boot. Cute. From DSW. COMPLETELY wearable. No, the most important part is that THEY'RE BOOTS! IT'S BOOT WEATHER!!! I AM SUPER-PUMPED, Y'ALL.

Okay, I'll attempt to go back to acting like a rational human who doesn't rant and rave about socks. And shoes.

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