Monday, May 7, 2012

Am I the only one who has these vast periods of your life where it feels like everything is moving sin a speed that resembles double fast-forward? In the past couple of weeks, I've realized that my life has felt like that since...September, maybe? It feels like yesterday that I was packing to go to Walt Disney World for vacation. I was getting dressed the other day and I put on something and thought that it felt like something I wear ALL THE TIME and then I realized that I hadn't worn it since back in September when I wore it the day I did the American Idol Experience show at Hollywood Studios. So, really, life has been FLYING. I also realized, as I pulled out my spring and summer clothes, that I am pretty much at the limit of what I consider to be my maximum density. I did a show. I'm doing a show. I am going through a massive cleaning and reorganizing. I have a million things going on. I may be going through a fashion readjustment and resettlement. I've become obsessed with cooking, especially the trying new things part of cooking. I am also obsessed with Zumba, which is the absolute most fun one can have while exercising. I sprained my ankle three weeks ago and it's still kind of wonky. So...weird life upheaval time is happening. I have no idea.

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